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functions:Women’s CareWomen’s CareGenitourinaryResillient


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product name: Herbs U-Tight (Upgraded Formula) (60capsule(s)) item no.: 105450108001 brand: Herbs
function: Women’s CareWomen’s CareGenitourinaryResillient category: Traditional Chinese Supplement product size: 60 capsule(s)



Comprehensive feminine care is needed for all women

The older a women gets, the higher her chance of a poorer health and muscle elasticity especially at the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is a combination of muscles that support
the pelvic organs - the bladder, vagina, uterus, and rectum. When women becomes weakened by hormonal changes in women´s bodies, childbirth or aging, some disorders can result in loss of urine, poor sex life and even lead to lack of confidence.

Herbs U-Tight (Upgraded Formula)

HERBS U-Tight (Upgraded Formula) provides natural remedies for all women particularly for those after childbirth. It can alleviate urinary incontinence, discourage pelvic disease and menstrual problems, and improve your sexual enjoyment and responsiveness. The Upgraded Formula is added with green tea Catechin and soya Lecithin which protect you against age spots and yellowish skin. It is your best choice for comprehensive feminine care.

  • Regain your pelvic floor strength
  • Improve urine control
  • Effective postpartum recovery
  • Anti-oxidative nourishment
  • Relieve menstrual pain
  • Tighten vaginal muscles naturally
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Get rid of yellowish skin

HERBS U-Tight (Upgraded Formula) is formulated with unique herbs from nature for women at all ages. HERBS U-Tight can effectively tighten the female pelvic floor and vaginal muscles especially for those who have childbirth and menopause. As a comprehensive herbal female supplement, HERBS U-Tight can best relieve urinary incontinence and reduce menstrual cramps. The newly added green tea Catechin and soybean Lecithin are the precious components for protecting against age spots and yellowish skin. It is definitely a safe and reliable choice for female health.

how to use

For Menstruation Discomfort: 3 capsules Daily

For Muscle Tightening: 3 capsules each time, twice per day. (Recomended to take before breakfast and before sleeping)


Curcumae domesticae rhizoma (Turmeric), Catechin, Granati Fructus, Kaempferiae Angustifoliae Rhizoma, Parameriae Cortex, Pericarprum Granati and Lecithin