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item no.: 108635405001
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specification: 2 piece
functions:All Skin Type


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product name: Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day Sun Cream Special Set (with Dermaclear Micro Foam) (2piece) item no.: 108635405001 brand: Dr. Jart+
ative from: 2017-06-08 00:00:00 product size: 2 piece country of origin: Korea
function: All Skin Type category: Sunscreen Cream



Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day Sun Cream Special Set (with Dermaclear Micro Foam) (2 PCS) contains:

Every Sun Day Sun Cream (50 ml)
It is a moisturizing type sun cream, suitable for people whose skins are sensitive, dry and with the dark skin tone. The sun protection factor is up to 50, effectively helps to block the UV against the skin, while the included nourishing ingredients continue to moisturize the dry and sensitive skin, also improve the skin tone. It is a sunscreen with the moisturizing nature and multi-effects.

Product Features:
 Low sensitivity sunscreen: Mild nature, it is suitable for all types of skin, even though reddish, dry and sensitive skin type can use without problems.
 Act as makeup base: Sun protection factor of 50 + / PA +++, effectively blocks UVA and UVB against the skin, and gives efficient protection to the skin without any greasy feeling. With the fresh and comfortable texture, no burden on skin at all.
 Improve and brighten the skin tone: In addition to effectively blocks the UV rays, but also helps to enhance the dull skin tone, through the thin texture to create a natural, light and perfect makeup finish.

Dermaclear Micro Foam Cleanser (50 ml) (Trial size)
A facial cleanser which helps to achieve deep cleansing and moisturizing effect. It contains amino acid ingredients which is similar to the human skin’s nature. With the gentle skin-like texture, the rich and delicate foam gently cleans the facial dirt and eliminates the aging skin, so as to brighten the skin; the skin remains moisturized after cleansing without a tight feeling. Besides, the herbs and other ingredients help soothing and calming the skin, people feel more comfortable and relaxed as a result and the skin lasts supple and moving!

Product Features:
 Mild nature: Low-sensitivity facial cleanser with light texture, will not stimulate the skin, therefore, it also suits sensitive skin.
 Deep cleaning: In addition to clean the surface dirt, it also helps to eliminate the stratum corneumwhich brightens the skin tone.
 Moisturizing and relieving: The vitamin ingredients contained can provide adequate water to skin, the vegetation components contained help to soothe the skin and bring the relieving effect.

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how to use

Every Sun Day Sun Cream After applying the facial cream on face, take some sun cream and put it on face and the neck. Dermaclear Micro Foam Cleanser Use to wash the face twice every day, in the morning and at night.


Dermaclear Micro Foam Cleanser  Amino acids: Strengthens the keratin, moisturizes the skin.  Herbal mixture: It helps to withstand the stimulation to skin from the external environment, also relieves and calms the skin.

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